Chase Carnaroli

Passionate about learning, programming, and nature

Hi, I'm Chase

My name is Chase Carnaroli and I am an aspiring Software Engineer currently studying Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine.

Back in middle school, after getting inspired by a "Learn to Code" campaign, I learned the basics of computer science through Khan Academy's new computer programming course. Once I got to high school, I took AP Computer Science where I had a fantastic teacher who not only gave me a great foundation for programming, but also helped me fall in love with the subject. After taking that class, I knew that I wanted to major in Computer Science and become a software engineer.

Since then, I have published an iOS app, developed a handful of websites, written a bunch of Python scripts, and more - all of which can be seen on my Github! Learning new languages and building new projects has now become a passion of mine. I am now proficient in Python, C++, Swift, Java, SQL, and JavaScript.

When I’m not programming, I’m most likely spending time out in nature either hiking, hammocking, playing beach volleyball, or watching the sunset.